WEEK 14 - Stay hydrated

Sometimes a word in season is like refreshing water washing over you. Feel the water, drink the water, stay hydrated! What are you on about man?

I'm on about the need to surround yourself with both people who will encourage you and people who will be brutally honest with you. If you do not have people who meet the criteria in your life I would suggest you:
1. Seek them out
2. Find online resources/ forums that provide both

I made some good friends on my Animation course who I can trust to give me honest feedback but as well as that I have sought out some professionals who would do the same (they have no reason to be nice to me).

Oh, and if you are a visual artist I suggest you listen to this podcast as it always challenges me and gets me to rethink my approach to things but not in a way that breaks my spirit: https://chrisoatley.com/visual-storytelling-podcast/

That's it! Happy hunting!

Until next time, God bless!