Hello there!

So, my crazy talented animator friend Christina asked me to help her out with some character designs for her new short film. I would have been a fool to say no as she is my good friend and her last film 'Leave a Print' was a smash hit! Don't believe me? Scroll to the bottom of the post.

Animals are not my forte but knowing Christina that is exactly why she asked me to design the dog - a french bulldog or boston terrier type. Good old Christina; always challenging, always kicking up the backside - these are the kind of friends you keep around.

'Enough talking' you say, 'where are the designs you've done?' Jeez, tough crowd. Here you go:

First rough concepts

First rough concepts

I can't even lie to you, the struggle was real, but (learn from me young and or stubborn people) I told Christina I was struggling and she provided a lot of helpful references including other cartoon versions of those dog types. It was so helpful. Then I was motivated to come up with more concepts, some were slight variations based on feedback from Christina that she liked the body and head of 1 but the face of 3 and she wanted the ears sticking up.

Doodle concepts 5-9.jpg

From the above Christina liked 6 so I am in the process of finalising the design and posing the character and surprisingly enjoying drawing an animal. I will show you the final drawings. Much to your relief, I'm sure, that's all I have to say for now.

Until next time, God bless!

P.S. See below all the festivals 'Leave a Print' has been in so far! Is she a legend or what?

nerland festivals.jpg