Week 8 - Gesture Drawing: Silhouette

Hi guys,

Hope you are well. This week on my gesture drawing course I've been learning about silhouette, which I know is a very important part of drawing but for some reason I have tended to completely ignore in my own drawings - I just get so caught up with the inner details which I began to address last week by thinking bigger!

Not much to say this week, but part of my assignment was to observe some silhouettes in photos/ art and make them better. Here is my attempt below:

1b) 10 bad silhouettes improved.jpg

Just to point out as well that these silhouettes were not all terrible to begin with but could be clearer. I also practiced this with cafe sketching which was another part of the assignment and as usual have been relating it to my characters. I may have some fan art/ original designs to post her next weekend.

Until next time, God bless!