Week 5 - Gesture Drawing - Line of Action

Hey there!

So... I signed up to Schoolism Subscriptions earlier this week and started taking the gesture drawing class with Alex Woo. 

For those of you who don't know, the way it works is that there 8-12 weeks worth of pre-recorded lectures and there are assignments to complete each week. You can watch the videos at your own pace and you have access to the instructor's feedback on the assignments of those who are signed up to the full (more expensive) course. The benefit of this is that you can learn from other's mistakes and hopefully recognise when you are about to make the same errors.

After week 1's lectures my mind is already blown. I have never understood line of action and I am definitely beginning to now and I am starting to see things more simply and graphically which is exciting.

Here are snippets of my assignment below. You may not be able to make head or tail of this so you just have to trust me that I am doing the right thing :)


30 sec gestures from video pt 1.jpg
10 lines of actions from entertainment.jpg
10 lines of actions from entertainment pt 2.jpg

Looking forward to the next lesson. The plan is to listen to lectures on Tuesdays and do the assignments on Fridays. Much more learning to come.

Until next time, God bless!