While doing my gesture drawing assignments this week I began to realise just how bad I am at proportions in general. When I have 30 secs to 1 minute to draw the figure I am getting better at capturing what is happening but find it impossible to do that and keep realistic proportions.

My way of addressing this initially was to find out what the actual landmarks of the figure are as for some foolish reason, I don't think I have properly sat down to work this out before. 

Initially, I used a stock photo to work it out myself and then I had a look at a very basic but helpful proportion guide - both below

proportions july.jpg

It was as if I had never really seen a human body before as I was shocked by most of the proportions. eg. The position of the chest, how long the torso is, the position of the shoulders.

This really proved to me the growing up I learnt nothing in art. I may well have been taught it but I did not retain any of it which is a shame. I thought I knew this stuff but had no idea.

Everytime, I want to move on I realise there are thousand more basic things I don't know. Drawing is so so hard!

Until next time, God bless!