Hello people! I hope you are well.

So... the first thing to say following my last blog post is that I did not focus on leg anatomy this week as I said I would so I am none the wiser there. Instead, I got sucked into admiring shapes and wondering how such simple shapes can be so appealing.

One of my biggest pitfalls, not just in art but in life, is that I often tell myself that things cannot be as simple as they are and so I end up over-complicating them and the result helps no one. This is something I am working on.

With regards to Character Design, I see incredibly simple base shapes and I can never believe how simple they are so when I go to draw my own characters what do I do? I make more complex shapes than the Professionals because surely that will make my work look better even though it is the opposite of what my heroes do. Makes no sense right? I need to constantly remind myself to keep it simple and that the first design doesn't have to be and in fact should not be the final design - it is a process so I should be free to fail.

Anyway, I am a work in progress and the more I look at people's designs and listen to blogposts the more I realise how important clarity of thought is. If my thoughts are jumbled how can I convey something simply? Food for thought... That's all I have to say this week.

Until next time, God bless!